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01- The Simphony Age
02 - Spirit Love
03 - Pasion
04 - Empire Of Light.
05- A Keep Calling You
06 - Come On Baby Girl
07- The Simphony Age (part.2)
08 - Fides
09 - Silver Angel
10 - American Indian Dreams
11 - Filght To Stars
12 - Rain
14 - Top Of The World
13 -The Simphony Age (part. 3)
15 - Santa
16 - Mystery
17 - Street Of Red Lanterns
18 - Nomen Spiritus
19 - Сlean Air
20 - Love As Oxygen
21 - You At Me One
22 - Illusion
23 - Legend
24 - Mane
24 - New Era
25 - Desire
26 - Soul
27 - Filght To Stars
Space style

01 - The Space Wanderer
02 - Orbit
03 -The Open Space
04 - Space Love
05 - Space Cowboy
06 - Deep Space.
07 - Flight Of The Navigator
08 - Start
09 - Space In The Circle
10 - Small Comet
11 - Cheerful Flight In UFO
12 - Space Sonata
13 - Space Patrol
14 - There Where Stars
15 - Running In The City - (remix SPACE)
16 -Ballad For Space Lovers -( remix SPACE)

Hello, dear fans of music! I'm glad to see you on the site. My name is Gradov Viktor Aleksandrovich.
I was born in f Leningrad in 1963.Since the early childhood I started to be interested in music, after all music is a universal language which connecting all of us and doesn't matter in what country we live, that we love, that we hate. Music can force us to cry or laugh, give for us rest or, on the contrary, to induce to actions, music can bear protogenic chaos or mathematical harmony. I always knew that classical music education opens many possibilities for the talented person and I graduated from the Leningrad Choral School of M.I.Glinka. Music became sense of my life, I experimented much with different styles. And result of these experiments became, the solo album which has left in 1997 «Heavenly creation». In 1998 I recorded the second album. From 1998 to 2001 worked over music to films. I wrote music for more than 20 films in total. It was my first experience of creation of electronic music. Thus, I found my style: the rainbow of sounds, warmth, kindness, mix up with E.L.O styles., Space, Cerrone, Enigma, Gregorian, which are diluted with eternal symphonic music. Also, add here power bass both DRUM parties and melody of the soloist parties. As a result it is a melodious - electronic - tool style. In 2001 I worked over music the rock group "MANITU". The first record took place in Petersburg at Dobrolet studio. The group with success acted in clubs of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2004 group broke up. At present copyright is registered in Library of the congress of the USA and in the World Association of musicians and composers (ASCAP). The contract is signed with the large American company Atlantic- Artists.